Endorsements for Saint Paul City Council -- Vote Tomorrow!

[Sidewalk outside City Hall under construction.]
Hey Saint Paul! Get out and vote tomorrow, especially if you live in in Wwards 2, 4, or 5, where the most competitive races are located.

[See map below.]

I think Saint Paul is at a turning point, where the local election will decide whether we continue changing and becoming more urban, or attempt to put a halt on things like increasing transit, safe streets, and sustainable development. I've been very disappointed with the negative campaigning coming out of many different parts of the city, some of which has been astonishingly dishonest. (The AFL/CIO gets the prize for that, this year.) It's disheartening for anyone with high hopes for Saint Paul's future.

Amy Brendmoen in Ward 5 is a dynamic, thoughtful, and tough voice for Ward 5, and the only woman currently holding elected office in Saint Paul. I couldn't be prouder to have helped with her campaign 4 years ago. Her opponent has been negative and mean-spirited, including fighting common sense bike lanes in the neighborhood and making misogynistic remarks.

Russ Stark in Ward 4 has done more for sustainable transportation in Saint Paul than any other person, and is a thoughtful, no-nonsense leader on the City Council. In many ways, he's the most progressive voice in the city. He's being challenged by another mean-spirited campaign that has focused mostly on the Mayor. and embraced misleading narratives about sustainable transportation.

Finally, Rebecca Noecker in the open seat in Ward 2 has my vote because she embodies exactly what I look for in a candidate: someone who is a good, smart listener, someone who works very hard, and someone with thick skin who thinks for herself. Darren Tobolt is a fine #2 vote with many good policy stances, but the rest of the Ward 2 field is terrifying.

Please remember to vote tomorrow, Saint Paul. Turnout for local elections is almost always abysmal, especially with younger voters. (http://www.governing.com/…/gov-voter-turnout-municipal-elec…)

You can find your polling place here: http://pollfinder.sos.state.mn.us/

This election will be a turning point in Saint Paul, a referendum on whether the city retreats toward visions of the past, or embraces a changing future. Do we want to be more like Minneapolis, or more like Lake Elmo?

I believe the environmental, social, and economic challenges ahead of us mean we must change how we design and govern Saint Paul. Tomorrow will be a litmus test. Please do your part!

[This election's competitive wards.]

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