More Ideas for Art Shantys that Rhyme

[The Medicine Lake Art Shantys, an almost annual celebration of shantily-clad creation.]

Dart Shanty – A shanty where people enter and can play darts. Alternatively, a shanty shaped like a dartboard, with another mobile sort of dart-type art object on ice runners which guests can project toward the shanty’s bullseye.

Start Shanty – A space where guests can attempt to build their own shanty out of anything they happen to have on their person. Nobody finishes.

Smart Shanty – A shanty that capitalizes on mobile communications technology to create an emergent adaptive shanty network, uses self-organization and crowd sourcing to create its own art, achieves sentience, and takes over the world (lake) a la Wintermute.

Pull-Apart Shanty – A shanty made from many, many small parts. Each guest takes part of the shanty home with them until the shanty disappears.

Blart Shanty – This makes no sense. “Blart” is not a word.

Quisinart Shanty – A shanty that chops raw food materials into tiny bits when inserted into the doorway. Made from shiny chrome.

K-Mart Shanty – A shanty that somehow demolishes the Lake Street K-Mart.

Fart Shanty – Self explanatory.

[Fart Shanty prototype, on right.]


Rachel Henderson said...

This is ridiculous. I'm laughing out loud about it. Especially "blart shanty."

Bill Lindeke said...

i guess our senses of humor are compatible then.