TC Sidewalks Live! at The Soap Factory Tomorrow!

[A black snowpile in the abandoned industrial trackland behind the old Pillsbury mill near St Anthony falls.]

Yes ladies and gentlemen, once more there is an exciting opportunity to experience all the thrill and enticement that you get reading Twin City Sidewalks on your computer, only live and in person!

Coming up tomorrow evening I will be leading a personal guided tour and psychogeographic dérive through the St. Anthony Falls area of downtown Minneapolis. The tour will last from about 6:30 until we complete our loop of the waterfall, at which point one can spend as much time as one desires enjoying fine beer at one of the many riverfront patios in the area.

The tour is put on by The Soap Factory art gallery as part of their The Common Room series. Last week's tour, led by Andy Sturdevant, was a triumphant ride down the Hiawatha light rail line to the Fort Snelling Club, and back again to Minnehaha park. The tour meets at the Soap Factory (2nd St and 5th Ave SE, down by the river). Please join me if you've a hankering for some people watching, strolling, exploration, and scintillating monologue... or whatever. The one thing I can guarantee is that I am finally, after all this time, going to provide the definitive definition of "a sidewalk."


Mulad said...

Did anyone give you a count of the crowd? That was huge!

Josie said...

Had a great time on the sidewalk tour. You were a great tour guide. Thank you! I hope you'll have more. Can you post the route we took and the highlights of the stops? Thanks again!

Bill Lindeke said...


camobel said...

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