Name That Sidewalk! #4

It's time once again for another Name That Sidewalk! (To the winner of the previous Name That Sidewalk!, your prize is finally in the mail. I promise.)

[Click to enlarge.]

The winner will receive a prized copy of James Howard Kunstler's post-oil novel, The World Made By Hand, in the mail at some point in the future.


John said...

Why, that's Where the Sidewalk Ends!

Mrs. McTwitter the baby-sitter,
I think she's a little crazy.
She thinks a baby-sitter's supposed
To sit upon a baby.

Ed Kohler said...

Is that in Cherokee Park in St. Paul up from the High Bridge?

Reuben said...

Heck! I'd given up hope on receiving the prize to the last one!!! I've got no idea where this one is.

This might qualify as a "former sidewalk."

jtstiles said...

Looks like the top of the (former) Green Steps at Prospect and Hall on the West Side of Saint Paul.

Bill Lindeke said...

we have a winner. that is correct jtstiles.

halvee said...

It's on top of minnehaha Falls?

halvee said...

top of Minnehaha falls?