Signs of the Times #7

Please Do Not Put Ticket in Mouth
Push Button Once and Pay Fare as You Exit
Lost Ticket Fee $18

[Part of a parking lot in Minneapolis.]

This Is The Site Of
The Birth of the
American Wireless. A
Pioneer Station Here
In 1901 First Talked
With Ships At Sea.

Guglielmo Marconi

[On the sidewalk in Babylon, NY.]


Good Food

[On a building in Saint Paul.]

Will Be Closing Saturday
6/25/05 At 10:30
All Have Weddings
Sorry For Inconvenience

[I forget where this door is. If anyone can tell from the reflection in the window, let me know.]

Lost Cat!!

Mario is a 1 year old orange (no white
markings) tabby male cat. He was last seen
wearing a blue collar but we think it may
have gotten off somehow. He is not an
outdoor at and may be very skittish.
Please check your garages, under your
porches, and anywhere you think a cat may
hide. We live in the
Hague/Selby/Snelling/Fry/Pierce area. My
children miss him terribly and we are very
worried about him. Please contact us if you
have seen him, found him, or rescued him.
We miss our MarMar Superstar!

(Reward if found)

[Sign on a telephone pole in Saint Paul.]


A sidewalk lagniappe...

... which illustrates the power of signs.

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