Palwenty Sees Light. Central Corridor Funded.

This just in from the PiPress [emphasis mine]:

Budget deal reached at Capitol
By Dennis Lien
Article Last Updated: 05/18/2008 03:45:57 PM CDT

Gov. Tim Pawlenty and legislative leaders reached agreement today on a deal to erase a projected $935 million budget deficit.

The deal and a bonding package that provides funding for the Central Corridor light-rail project, a proposed state park along Lake Vermilion, and new facilities at the Minneapolis Veterans Home were announced at a 2:15 p.m. press conference at the State Capitol.

"Minnesotans deserve tax relief and a state government that lives within its means," Pawlenty said in a statement. "This agreement delivers both.''

With the deal, legislators were prepared to approve the bills in floor sessions and end the session on time later today.

The deal, the product of weeks of closed-door discussions, also includes a property tax cap sought by Pawlenty and tax benefits for veterans and military members.

It looks like Pawlenty finally saw the light that was shining off all those millions of Federal dollars of investment the Twin Cities will definitely receive as the Central Corridor is built by 2014.

I'm a little disappointed I can't write a blog post scathing the Governor to the eternal damnation of transit hell, condemned to have his veto-pen clutching hands run over very lightly by light-rail trains every eight minutes for a thousand years while being spit upon by a pack of homeless people in wheelchairs.

Oh well.


Andrew said...

Man that is a graphic description of the hell you would put Pot-Hole Pawlenty through.

I am glad the State Park In Vermillion was included in the Budget, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to grab this land for the public good.

momo said...

I heard it here first! Now let's see what the U does about the proposed route.