"Amps Against Apathy" Targets Apathetic

The University of Minnesota campus is plastered today wtih posters and chalkings advertising "Amps Against Apathy," a rally on the Northrop Mall tonight at 7:00 featuring "rock and roll" and "action." The event is sponsored by some group called "Democracy Matters," and I'm pissed. What do the rockers have against the apathetic?

That's why I'm announcing here on this blog a counter-protest.


A Counter-Protest for the Apathetic
Northrop Mall -- Friday 10/6 @ 7 pm

I've got some signs aready made... saying things like, "Apathetics are People Too!," or "Down with Care-ism." We're gonna be standing around, not waving flags, chanting "Hell No! We won't care," or "What do we want? ... When do we want it? ..."

Who's with me?

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