Limited Space Available - Obscure Museums Tour #2: Old Bikes to Old Streetcars

Everyone knows about the big museums, but what about the small museums? What about the museums that aren't even museums?

Following up on the successful Obscure Museums Tour #1 (thank you Annette for opening up the Terminal!), I have obscure museum bike ride planned for September. 

We'll be starting at a very obscure museum indeed, the (latent/underground) Cycling Museum of Minnesota, where there's an intriguing collection of old bicycles awaiting your perusal.

From there, we'll bike south to the Lyndale Park Rose Garden, to stop and smell the flowers and also look at the Heffelfinger fountain and learn a bit about its provenance. 

Finally, a trip to the Minnesota Streetcar Museum, an actual museum that is an actual streetcar that you can ride (but it goes nowhere).
  • When: Saturday 9/23 at 2:30 pm (estimate about 2.5 hours total for the trip)
  • Where: at the southwest corner of Lorin Park
  • Price: low low price of $6

Ticket includes streetcar fare and a 2-for-1 drink coupon for the Lakes and Legends Brewery.

The bike ride will be approximately four (4) miles long and proceed at a relaxed pace. Space is limited!
Here's the agenda:

The Cycling Museum of Minnesota
The Minnesota Streetcar Museum
The Lyndale Park Rose Garden (and historic fountain)

Bike ride is approximately 4 miles. Tour is approximately 2.5 hours.

Hope to see you there! Reserve your space today.

[Dedication of the Heffelfinger fountain in 1947.]

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