Walking Tour of Downtown Minneapolis Skyways with the Hennepin History Museum

If you missed last month's skyway tour, you have another chance to see the sights of downtown Minneapolis' most unique feature. Together with the wonderful Hennepin History Museum, I'll be leading another tour through the skyways to talk about the origin and evolution of downtown skyways, some of the notable (and less-than-notable) architecture.

Skyway history is something of an obsession of mine, and we'll be walking around downtown through all the different types of skyway environments, everything from parking ramps to retrofit corridors to parking ramps to all kinds of atria.

What: Downtown Minneapolis Skyway Tour with the Hennepin History Museum
When: April 16th at 1pm (tour will last approximately 90 minutes)
Where: Meet at the IDS Center, prepare for a roughly 2 mile indoor/outdoor walk
Who: Space is limited
How much: $12

Some of the things we'll be seeing include:
  • The place where the idea was hatched (c. 1956)
  • The site of the first skyway (c. 1962)
  • The oldest existing skyway (c. 1963)
  • The longest skyway (c. 1970s?)
  • The skyway through the jail (will research)
  • The most beautiful skyway (c. 1988, arguably)

This will be the 4th time I've led a tour of the downtown skyway system and each time it's a bit different. I'm excited to share the tour with a new audience, especially people who are interested in how the skyway relates to the history of downtown Minneapolis.

Hope to see you there! Space is limited, so buy tickets sooner rather than later.

[Pictures from previous tour follow.]

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