TCSidewalks Tour: Noteworthy Parking Lots of Minneapolis Bike Tour


It's time once again for a psychogeographic tour of noteworthy places led by yours truly. This time we're going to "look at the parking lot, really see the parking lot for what it is, and try to find god in the parking lot." We will examine the past, present, and future of parking lots, the faded utopian dreams of parking visionaries. So much happens in a parking lot, glazed with oily water, beside the white Hondas.

Questions asked will include:

Q: What is a parking lot?

Q: Is it it nothing?

Q: Is it everything?

[Crown jewel of the parking lot park system.]
In a sense, parking lots are the urban water through which we swim. They sit invisibly, the emptiness around us, that which keeps us apart. 

We will visit and explore five noteworthy parking lots centered around downtown Minneapolis, beginning with the parking lot in front of the Lake Street K-Mart at the corner where Lake and Nicollet ought to be.

We will travel north from there to visit two parking lots in downtown Minneapolis, and two parking lots in Northeast Minneapolis.
  • What: Bicycle tour of five parking lots in Minneapolis
  • Where: Meet at the K-Mart parking lot (Lake and Nicollet) 
  • When: Wednesday 4/29; departing at 6:30 pm
  • How long: About 5 miles on bicycle, probably 90 - 120 minutes
  • Why: To explore the urban landscape of the Twin Cities
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[The parking lot from Fargo.]
The tour will include the K-Mart parking lot, the downtown parking lot where the film Fargo was shot, the parking lot at the former Nicollet Hotel site, the parking lot outside Nye's Polonaise room, and the Northeast Bank parking lot park, probably the most unique parking lot in the Twin Cities!

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[Parking space: the final frontier.]

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