New Post at Streets.mn: What Minneapolis planners should have told Trader Joe

[The terrible Lyndale site plan.]
Anyone who has talked to me personally about Trader Joe's will know that I am not a fan of the store. But I did my best to be fair in my post about the new Lyndale Avenue site plan over at Streets.mn today. I've been past other Trader Joe's stores in other cities, and almost all of them look better than the one planned for Minneapolis.

Check it out. And stay tuned to this blog for more anti-TJ's diatribes in the near future, including these future posts currently in the works:

The Case Against Trader Joe's
What's Really in that Trader Joe's cheese?
Point/Counterpoint: Why is Trader Joe's trying to destroy the world?


Wake Up People! Trader Joe's is evil and is eroding your soul with edible mind control, FYI.

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