TCSidewalks Live: Artists in Storefronts Tour Redux on Nicollet Avenue (Night Bike Tour)

[Nicollet and 26th in 1949.]
After the first such tour got rained out, I'm leading another tour of the amazing Artists in Storefronts exhibit located along Nicollet Avenue. I'll talk a bit about the AMAZING! history of Whittier, which is the most dramatically changed neighborhood of all of Minneapolis IMHO. I'll read a bit of John Greenleaf Whittier's Snow-Bound (Whittier was the Garrison Keillor of the 19th century). We'll go through Fair Oaks Park, and then down Nicollet to look at the back wall of the K-Mart travesty.

All along the way, we'll use portable illumination devices to explore the 22 artist designed storefronts. The list of artists whose work may or may not be seen include:

Leah Carlson
Carly Stripe
Tom Siler
Steven Lang
Emily Lloyd
Joan Vorderbruggen
Julie Jurrjens
Lori Mocha
Joby Lynn Sassily-James
Liseli Polivka
Candy Chang
George Wortzel
Judy Anderson
Paul Dickinson
Jack Barkla
Mike Lynch
Michael Wong
Pritika Chowdry
Jerome Lavalle
Billy Cassell
Sheila Regan
Anton Pearson
Glenn Terry
Taylor Lindgren
Arturo Quintera
and Elana Wolowitz

[All names provisional, as art is ephemeral.]

Granted, it'll be dark and the wind is blowing something fierce from the West, so we may end up on Cedar by the end of the experience.

Meet at 9:00 pm by the Whittier Alliance Headquarters, just around the corner from Spyhouse Coffee on 25th and Nicollet. Bring a bike.

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