Signs of the Times #29

Free Pile

[Porch. Portland OR.]

"The Place that is never open."

[SE Portland OR.]

Happy B-DAy
Jeneral & Charli
Love Mom & Dad
RIP Uncle Chuckie
Service today 1:00
Hustead Funeral

[Sign. North Portland.]

It you don't
Like the Price
To Bad

[Fence. NE Portland.]

Tabor Hill Cafe
Classic American food without surprises, panache, or strong flavors. The traditional Monte Cristo ($5) -- layers of ham, turkey and Swiss cheese on white bread, dipped in egg batter and fried -- provides a comforting warmth that leaves you slightly sleepy and feeling full. Breakfast is served all day so opt for an order of French toast ($3.95) as an alternative to the usual nighttime fare. Sprinkled with cinnamon instead of powdered sugar this early-morning treat is perfect on a cold evening -- especially when accompanied by a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice ($2.95).

[Window. Hawthorne Avenue, Portland OR.]

Come in

[Door. Hawthorne Avenue, Portland.]

We do tent repair

[Window. Clinton Street, Portland OR.]

you are

[Door. Belmont Street, Portland OR.]

In your neighborhood (possibly on 12/05)
White and grey stuffed cat

Our child is inconsolable
Any information on the lost cat ... or best ... on the
found cat will be highly appreciated.

[Telephone pole. SE Portland OR.]

Good Food Here!
is all about great food
in a family friendly

Please respect that
smoking and alcohol
are not allowed
on this site.

[Patch of grass. SE Portland OR.]

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