Sidewalk Game #3: Mountain Climber

Snowstorm Labyrinth Adventure Quest

When: After a blizzard

Object: To reach your destination

Instructions: Look on the sidewalk as a frigid unexplored terrain. See a landscape on which no human dare tread, from which few have e'er returned. Boldly venture forth along the barely blazed trail. Scale mountainous snowbanks, and clamber down their boulder'd backsides. Follow treacherous paths that lead to dead end loggerheads. Turn back to retrace your careful steps. Discover an exit from the maze of peaked white cliffs. Proceed with cautious abandon. Don't look back.

[At first, Mount Blanc seemed impossibly impassable, jutting up against the merciless winter sky...]

[After wandering around the wilderness we discovered a narrow mountain pass that led us to the wide valley below.]

[At night, the path proved no less daunting. Jagged zigs jutted out at our party.]

[Finally, a wide trail beckoned us onwards...]

[... only to lead to an impassable field of boulders. We would have to turn back.]

[Shiroi Ravine is famed for its winding steep cliffs. This is no place to be hunted by hounds!]

[The peaceful path lay beckoning just over a wide range of white-capped boulders. Could we find a way to bridge the impasse?]

[The path beckoned onwards while the undergrowth reached its wooden hands to grab at our party, clinging to jackets like a vulture's eye.]

[The path seemed effortless...]

[... only to lead to an impenetrable frozen swamp.]

[Scaling the Yellow Salt Cliffs proved no easy task!]

[Can we escape this dead end in time?]


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