*** Sidewalk Weekend *** #36

Sidewalk Rating: Transitional

One side of the street has snow. The other side has mud. You know its that time of year when your bipolar disorder has arrived.

Go for a walk. Just make sure one of your shoes is a rubber boot.

*** Hypocrisy City ***
[Sidewalk vigilante justice, taking it to the man, taking it to the streets.]

*** Asphalt is organic ***
[Pothole Pawlenty strikes again and again and again and again and again...]

*** Bike parking is free ***
[Parking meter recycling.]

*** Sketchy ***
[So much depends on a giant snowpile.]

*** The best mustachio dancing in 100 years ***
[The most awesome old Minneapolis ad.]

*** Slumburbia ***
[The new 'hood.]

*** What NE looks like after a night on the town ***

*** Slime mold is smarter than you are ***
[A slime mold grows in(to) Brooklyn.]

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to "Slumburbia". I often wonder what will become of the cul-de-sac lands. Perhaps the flying car will save them. 2009 saw 2.8 million forclosures in the U.S.-Ouch.