Trader Joe's Update

[Karl und Theo Albrecht, German billionaire owners of Trader Joe's and Aldi, plotting to rule the welt.]

I have an irrational hatred of Trader Joe's. I'm open about that.

But, all that aside, I'm pleased to see that Rep. Karen Clark's plan to get around the Minneapolis liquor store zoning codes was shot down by the lobbying of the Licensed Beverage Assn and the State Legislature.

Clark was trying to get an exemption to a city zoning ordinance that prevents liquor stores from opening up within 2,000 feet (or is it meters or yards) of an already existing liquor store. This is a problem because Traitor Joe's will only open a grocery store if they can also sell their cheap wine (which in Minnesota must be a separate store, with separate entrances).

Basically, for whatever reason, Rep Clark chose to go through the State Legislature to undo the zoning ordinance, rather than pursue City Council action. The legislature kicked the bill back to the city, saying that there was no reazson for the State to rule on the issue.

So, for the moment, the Wedge and Hum's destroying Lyndale Avenue Trader Joe's has come to a screeching halt.

The next step, though, is to go through the City Council, and they've already ruled (in a very close vote) to support a zoning code exemption.
The Minneapolis City Council voted April 10 to support the bid for the special law. But it was a close 7-6 vote. Lilligren voted to support the law.

At this point, no development proposal for the project has been submitted to the city of Minneapolis according to Krista Bergert, spokeswoman for the city’s Community Planning and Economic Development (CPED) department.

This would be the time, if you support local businesses not owned by union-busting German billionaire brothers that sell too-cheap cheese and whose employees are forced to be insincerely saccharine, to contact your local city council member?

As someone who has an irrational hatred of Trader Joe's, I don't feel like I can be objective on this issue. But if you're looking for more information, try Cam Gordon's explanation of the pros and cons of allowing this store to break the city's zoning rules.

[Anti-Trader Joe's signage along 22nd Street in Uptown, Mpls.]


Anonymous said...

Wow, who hurt you man? Do you hate puppies too?

Bill Lindeke said...

I love puppies.

Truth to Tell said...

Wouldn't you know it. My wife loves the place; she can't wait for St. Paul's to open less than a mile down the pike. I've been neutral on it, although I buy the business of locally owned outfits getting the bulk f not all of my business.

Anonymous said...

traders is just that. Buy from locally owned stores, stop your money from leaving your community/country.

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