Malls are Sidewalks, Too

I'd like to call your attention to a fabulous new local blog devoted to infrastructural changes at the Mall of America.

It's penned by a friend of mine (who shall remain anonymous). He has gone to the MOA multiple times a week for the past five years, and has finally been convinced to share some of the things he's learned there. (Trust me, he's knows way more about the MOA than this guy ever did.)

For example, a post about the new MOA South Side fountain:

A new, rather plain looking fountain has been added to the South side.

Same fountain from a different angle.

Other excellent posts include comparing the new Chipotle to a prison, an ode to the lost Orange Julius, and the confusion of the extraneous new mall signage.

Long live the MOA! Here's to another decade of exhilaration.



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