Sidewalk of the Week: Western Avenue

The amazing thing about when snow comes is the sidewalk disappearing act. They're gone. Impossibly gone, buried six feet under. Then, the next day -- [poof!] -- they're back. How do they do it? Neighbors with snowblowers come by, pretending not to enjoy blowing the snow clear across the street. Plow drivers collect overtime. Guys with trucks get excited. Boots come out of the closet, and vast armies of shovels assemble like the mops from Disney's Fantasia. Even snowmobiles stop gathering dust. It's the economy of yesteryear.

This sidewalk on Western Avenue in Saint Paul was, like most in the Twin Cities this weekend, covered w/snow. Now its pristine concrete is back, ready to be trod upon.


As pointed out by erstwhile reader, Andrew, there is more snow at this very moment, covering the sidewalks all over town. I just saw the guy who works at the Potbelly Sandwich Shop struggling in vain to keep his sidewalk clear of snow. Ha! Fat chance. (Of course, he's only doing it because he's a low-paid fast food worker and will be fired if he gives up trying...)

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Andrew said...

...And ready to be dumped upon once again...Come on 10-14 inches woo-hoo :-D