mpls: The Wave = Downtown Park?

Astute reader anonymous suggested a better use for the possible money that would come from developing "The Wave" -- the proposed condo along the 3rd Ave Bridge riverfront. S/he writes:

How about developing the land and taking the money to purchase land for parkspace in downtown, where a the need is evident.

I kind of (kind of) like this idea, providing it actually happens. I can think of quite a few surface parking lots (and old buildings) that would make better parks than lots. For example, the block b/w 9th & 10th streets and 2nd and 3rd avenues would be great!

Does anyone have any particular ideas?

But on the other hand, wre they to use the money to fund "park police," I'd be less than pleased. And, I highly doubt that the city could be willing to use up a (very) valuable open downtown block on a park without some sort of landmark or historical reason as a call to arms . . .


Just when I post on this, the story appears in the Strib:

United Health Corp. CEO Dr. William McGuire is offering to build a $5 million park just east of the new riverfront Guthrie Theater as part of a personal effort to preserve a leafy urban reputation.

[ . . . ]

McGuire's proposal envisions leasing the land from the city for 10 years for $500,000. He would plant approximately 325 mature trees, including about 100 lindens along 2nd St. S. McGuire would take care of maintenance -- probably through an endowed organization -- including irrigation, garbage collection, snow clearing on pathways, electricity and water costs.

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Andrew said...

Seems like a cool idea to me, a nice piece of greenspace to add to the amenities being created by the Guthrie. Although the property is valuable, it can also be a great asset to a developing Historical district.