stp: Minnehaha & Dale Rec Center Complex

I'm of two minds about whether or not this rec center proposal is a good idea.
The $50 million project includes an indoor soccer field, aquatic center, music room, 500-seat theater, fitness center, computer lab and meeting rooms. The center also would offer an array of after-school, senior, family and mentoring programs.

But a Feb. 17 deadline for finalizing plans is approaching, and Salvation Army officials are still negotiating a minefield of land deals and government bureaucracy, not to mention trying to bridge a $9 million fundraising gap in the next 27 days.

On the one hand, $50 Million is a lot of money!

On the other hand, I don't want to build a church on this plaground/open space property... especially if it happens to be right where the city is planning on building a "transit corridor."

But I'm of one mind when it comes to these two things:
  • 1) I want Ray Kroc's money to atone for a great many sins.
  • 2) Whoever's is charge of this project doesn't have their act together. The due date (Feb. 19) is fast approaching, and it sounds like the mayor has just heard of it!

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