mpls: new Hennepin & Washington Whole Foods?

As much as I hate Whole Foods... the long awaited grocery store is on the horizon. The Twin Cities Business Journal has a report on a new condo tower being planned for the block just South of Washington & Hennepin.

Here's the article (reg. req'd):

Don Milliken is finalizing details for 250 condos that will sit atop a Whole Foods grocery store at Hennepin and Washington avenues.

Although the plans still need city approval, Milliken talks confidently about building a main tower topping out at 30 to 34 stories. The site's location downtown is a prime spot for the "first-class" condos that he expects to sell out long before the last brick is laid, probably sometime in 2009.

The space is currently a mixed group of 2-3 story buildings, including the Jaguar/Range Rover dealership that has that “SUV atop a mountain” pieta.

I forget what else is down there, but this is good news that will improve downtown density and liveability. Plus, it might put a dent in Land Rover sales...


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I think it will be luxurious, actually I've heard it will be first class condos, but it must be supervised by people who know about it because it could cause a serious environment problem.