5 Nazis Who May Be Living in Northeast Minneapolis

new-cpdinnerlogo-560Northeast Minneapolis is a well known haven for alleged Nazis like Michael Karcoc. How many other Nazis might be living in Northeast? We did some research and discovered the most likely suspects.
Next time you go to a Nazi dinner party at Gasthaus, look around and see if you can spot these famous Nazis.
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#5) Heinrich Schnitzelgruber
Schnitzelgruber was fond of Minneapolis and visited the city on multiple occasions. He was once spotted at the Moose on Monroe. Does he live in Northeast? He'd be pretty old but it's possible.
#4) Martin Heidegger's concept of Dasein
Since its disappearance from the black forest in the 1950s, nobody is quite sure what happened to famous nazi-affiliated philosopher Martin Heidegger's notion of being-in-the-world. With its many bridges and cozy single-family homes, Northeast Minneapolis seems like a likely landing spot.
#3) Albert Speer
The famous nazi architect might or might not have worked on designing many of the Twin Cities' recent six-story apartment buildings.
#2) Tony Jaros
Could be a nazi? Until we hear otherwise it's hard to be sure.
#1) Adolph Hitler
Body was never found.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, Albert Speer died in Sep 1981. I knew the photographer who likely took his last picture. He died at age 76, in London. He'd be 101 now. He's not building anything. He's too busy stoking fires in hell.